Launched in 2012, the Design & Paper blog celebrates all topics connected to design and paper. We created it to share our passion for great design, creative papers and printing with the paper-lovers community. Design & Paper also serves as an interactive platform for designers, artists, illustrators, printers, and crafters who are welcome to share their work with us.

“This year was the time to change the visual appearance to current digital trends. We wanted to refresh the look of the blog, while maintaining the same great standard of content, the passion for design and paper which stands at the heart of the project. And so began the beautiful process of coming together as a team and rethinking everything from scratch.” Sandra Schmidt, Business Lead Design, Europapier International AG.

Here’s what’s different
With moving away from the traditional blog layout of endless scrolling to a more responsive grid design, our aim was to improve functionality, while creating a clean, contemporary design where images are highlighted. With an open, organized layout, the user has a vast choice over content - whether searching for specific information or browsing for inspiration. The original idea to move towards grid-based design came from print, and how magazines and newspapers lay their content in a well-structured hierarchy. Website functionality, a minimalistic look and usage of animations was important to us. The new design also inspired us to return to our original logotype, which combines a bold sans-serif, with a lighter serif ampersand.

Furthermore, in a need to simplify and update to our current content, we reduced the blog categories and introduced new ones. The new categories PAPERPRINTING+FINISHING is where our readers are invited to gain know-how from industry specialists and get inspired! PUBLISHING is also an exciting new category, where users get in touch with the latest books, magazines, come upon exciting book design and experience first-hand the creativity in the world of publishing, from cover to content. 

Advertising possibilities 
Design & Paper blog now offers advertising possibilities, tailor-made for our audience. There are two advertising banners available, displayed on the homepage. This is an exciting new feature for any product or service addressed to graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, creative agencies, artists, as they comprise our main target audience. 

Design & Paper is an initiative from the Europapier Group. Besides from being the #1 paper merchant in Central Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine, Europapier is firstly committed to giving you the very best support in order to bring your project to life. Our Design & Paper blog is an open platform, on which we invite and encourage all to submit their projects for publication! We look forward to sharing your work with our creative community!

Check out the new look: